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Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer

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I got contacted by Jed Schmidt, who was responsible for the US Mobile Shop of Uniqlo in 2015. He was looking for someone with an eye for design and developer skills for a complete revamp of the online experience for the mobile customers.


Lead Development, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Mobile Web Development, Prototyping, Technical Assistance.

The goal was to improve the conversion rate as well as customer happiness by having a fast, feature-rich and unique experience while shopping on a mobile device. Fast response times and a quick checkout were key to success.

Frameworks / Technologys


There were quite some circumstances that made this project especially interesting and challenging. I had no experience with online retailers nor shops in general, so I had quite some pressure on me. I began by studying the current online experience and reviewing other retailers to get a feeling for the all-around shopping experience on a mobile device. Most of them were just slow and just didn't feel smooth enough. I wanted to make it better.

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Design & Prototyping

Jed had a lot of faith and trust in me at the design. I gave daily updates on my progress so I wouldn't waste precious time and money. The first MVP was pretty lean and not the richest one on features, focus were the products and how they were presented to the user as well as navigation.

Fortunately for me, there was a kind-of-styleguide already, so I followed that one as much as I could, but some things just weren't set in stone, so I went with what I thought looks and feels great. Given the freedom I had in general, I was quite pleased with the result, and so was my client.

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With your help we increased the conversion rate by 2%

Jed Schmidt.


I only had one requirement on the development part: ReactJS. Around that time I've been playing around with React a little, but nothing that had been used by thousands of users daily, which was the case here. Switching from Angular to React was quite the challenge as well because of the different paradigm and the missing controller/model logic that AngularJS offers right out-of-the-box.

Since Redux/MobX wasn't invented at that time, I went with my own little state management system. Fortunately though, I somehow ended up writing my own little flux implementation without knowing it, which made it quite easy to transition to Redux later on.

Uniqlo App Mockup
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