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Birthday Suits is the brand behind Louise Walleneit, an artist and fashion designer from Leipzig, Germany. She needed a new, responsive portfolio to showcase her work to clients and a back-end that was easy to understand, so she could manage the site herself.


Wordpress & Frontend Development, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Art Direction, Mobile Web Development.

Birthday Suits was my second project at nerdgeschoss. I was asked to design and develop the web experience for both mobile and desktop.

Frameworks / Technologys


Louise already had gathered a collection of several websites that looked appealing to her. Speaking about what exactly she liked about them and taking notes guide me in the right direction.

I advised her that I want her work to stand in front, to use her great photography to showcase her work. This let us use big imagery, mixed with great balanced typograhpy and whitespace.

birthdaysuits Sketches


By choosing a clean and minimal style I was able to let the imagery do the heavy lifting. Together with some smooth animations the photos could really stand out,

Thanks to a beautiful established vertical rhythm, text was also easy on the eye and nice to look at.

Birthday Suits iPhones Mockup

It looks gorgeous. Exactly how I like it.
Can't wait to see it live!

Louise Walleneit in response to the design.


As I couldn't find a lightbox that showed her work like I wanted it, I gladly took the challange and wrote one myself. I had some trouble with performance at first with bad stuttering animations, which was related by using not GPU-accelerated properties. After I had redone some math by calculating everything to CSS3 transforms, I got rewarded with that smooth, 60 FPS experience I wanted. You can check it out right here if you want.

Birthday Suits MacBook Mockup
Birthday Suits Single News
Birthday Suits Work Birthday Suits Checkbox Birthday Suits Lightbox

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