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Gemeinde App addresses communities that want to motivate their citizens to become involved in urban development, and the events within the municipality. The app is a communication medium for residence and tourists.


Hybrid App Development, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Mobile Development.

Gemeinde App was my first project at nerdgeschoss. I consulted to develop the Android-Version of the App using Adobe’s Open Source Phonegap framework.

Frameworks / Technologys


The iOS Version of Gemeinde-App was already on the Apple App-Store, and I was free to change the look and feel of the App targeted for Android Users, as they need a different User Experience than their iOS counterparts.

I’ve started by reading the offical Android User Interface Guidelines and doing some rough sketches on the way. Asking my Android buddies for their opionion on my ideas helped me alot to understand what changes had to be made.

gemeindeapp Sketches


The complete app was designed using Sketch by Bohemian Coding. Turned out as a real time-saver, as exporting assets for all the different resolutions Android has (LDPI, MDPI up to XXXHDPI) was as easy as clicking a checkbox and specify which resolution I want to export to.

Gemeinde App Phones Mockup

Plain, Simple, Awesome! A great service without a lot of frills. Especially the garbage calendar does a good job.

Rene Zinsheimer, a citizen of Wölfersheim.


Gemeinde-App is powered by the Ionic framework, is based on AngularJS. It is a powerful bootstrapping framework to get your app development started right away.

With Ionic, I had more time to concentrate on implementing the APIs, and not wasting time on writing basic stuff like the navbar or another off-canvas menu. It had all this already built-in, I just had to customize it for my needs.

The whole development process got even faster when I had the Ripple Emulator and LiveReload extension installed. That way I only had to test the app on a real device later on.

Gemeinde App Second Phones Mockup
Gemeinde App view from left Gemeinde App view from top Gemeinde App view from right

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